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We believe our overriding responsibility is to continually strive for leadership and competitiveness in our markets, while growing and developing both current and potential customers. Providing superior customer satisfaction will ensure long-term value to our customers, stakeholders, employees and suppliers. Everything we do focuses on customer needs while providing outstanding quality, service and value.


We have adopted the following principles within our business:

  • Understand and meet customer and regulatory requirements with innovative solutions.
  • Improve quality, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and efficiency on a daily basis while maintaining competitive pricing and on time delivery.
  • Utilize lean process methodology to continually reduce process variations and eliminate wastes.
  • Continue to foster a culture of continuous improvement by establishing quality objectives throughout the business via the Quality Management System.
  • Promote and maintain product and process safety standards that eliminate risks to our employees, the environment, and our customers.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 
RoHS Compliance Letter
MSDS for Aluminum Alloy, Extrusion